Snap-On Smile is the simplest way you can have a truly lovely smile. This cosmetic dental procedure can be a stunning solution that doesn’t involve any evasive procedures.

glendora snap on smileSnap-On Smile is a comfortable, removable dental appliance that snaps over the patient’s natural teeth. The unit uses the teeth’s natural curves to hold on to and stay in place each day. Snap-On Smile is a terrific alternative for people who can’t afford or don’t desire to burden themselves with increased invasive dental procedures.

Beautiful confident smile at a snap

Snap-On Smile can be an easy, convenient means for patients to instantly increase their confidence in their smiles and get a much more permanent smile makeover. With the help of your trusted Glendora dentist, you can choose the shape and shade of your new Snap-On Smile. Every device is customized to ensure it properly fits in your mouth.

Drilling, anesthesia, and icky adhesives are completely taken off the picture, making Snap-On Smile the most comfortable option for patients both inside the dental office and out.

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