Snap-On Smile

Snap-On Smile is a comfortable, removable dental appliance that snaps over the patient’s natural teeth. The unit uses the teeth’s natural curves to adhere to and remain in place. Snap-On Smile is a stunning solution that doesn’t involve any invasive procedures.

Snap-On Smile Candidates

Most everyone is suitable for Snap-On Smile. This is an accessible option for patients who may have the option to invest in other cosmetic procedures. The Snap-On Smile gives patients the ability to test out a new smile and decide if a permanent cosmetic procedure would be right for them. This is also a viable option for patients who are not medically able to undergo dental surgery.

Benefits of a Snap-On Smile

  • A non-invasive cosmetic treatment
  • No adhesives or injections required
  • An affordable and temporary solution to a beautiful smile
  • A removable mouthpiece that can be taken out at any time
  • Immediately covers any stains, chips or misalignment within the teeth
  • Lasts up to 5 years
  • Completely customizable
  • Mimics natural teeth
  • Easy care
  • Fast and painless process
  • Alternative to implants and bridges
  • Comfortable wear
  • Patients are able to eat and drink without any restrictions

What to Expect

Dr. Desai will meet with each patient during an initial consultation to perform a short dental exam and discuss the patient’s aesthetic goals to evaluate their candidacy for the Snap-On-Smile. Dr. Desai will then take molds of the patient’s teeth to start the process. Patients can choose the shape and shade of their new Snap-On Smile with the guidance of Dr. Desai. Snap-On Smile is an effortless way for patients to build their confidence in their smiles.

Why Choose Glendora Family Dentistry?

  • Dr. Desai has been dedicated to serving patients in Glendora and the surrounding areas for over 15 years.
  • Our friendly staff strives to ensure that each patient is met with a comfortable environment and has a seamless visit every time.
  • Dr. Desai is an active member of the American Dental AssociationCalifornia Dental AssociationAmerican General Dentistry andSan Gabriel Valley Dental Society.
  • Our dental office has been continuously rated 5 stars by our patients.
  • Dr. Desai is devoted to improving patients’ oral health with his specialized dental services.
  • Dr. Desai uses advanced dental technology and the leading surgical techniques to perform all offer services.
  • We offer our specialized dental services when you need them most with our emergency dental services.
If you are interested in an innovative way to transform your smile with the Snap-On Smile, contact Dr. Desai at (626) 427-6236 to learn more about our specialized cosmetic treatment.
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