Traditional metal braces are those you commonly see on the teeth of children and adolescents. They are comprised of metal brackets joined by a metal wire. While this type of braces are usually the cheapest option, they are also the most conspicuous and unsightly.

glendora traditional bracesMetal braces have been around for decades and can provide possibly the best orthodontic alignment benefit since they can be fully adjusted (as opposed to aligners such as Invisalign, which can only treat mild to moderate malocclusion and often need to be followed by traditional braces to properly align the teeth).

Glendora Traditional Braces

Metal braces can be customized with colored or ceramic brackets, which can make them more aesthetically pleasing. Ceramic brackets do cost more, however they are made to match the color of the patient’s teeth and accordingly are less noticeable than the traditional metal type.

Teenagers and children often opt for colored brackets and/or elastics to suit their personality and make the orthodontic process a little more fun. There is a wide variety of colors available and patients can also further modify their brackets by selecting letters, images or symbols.

Teeth straightening with traditional metal braces typically take around eighteen to twenty four months on average. In more extreme cases (for example where there is overbite or underbite) the treatment can take longer.

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