Arestin is a prescription drug that is an antibiotic and will help to prevent the bacteria that causes periodontal disease. It will be used at the same time as scaling or root planing. Not only is it important to maintain healthy teeth but you should also enjoy healthy gums.

glendora arestin Arestin is effective because it uses microspheres of different sizes to allow the antibiotics to be released over a longer period of time. This gets the bacteria eliminated for a period of up to three weeks following the treatment. Your Glendora dentist will be able to determine when it is appropriate to use Arestin. For pregnant women or children the use of the drug is not recommended. There are also some situations like a deep abscess where it might not be the right treatment.

Arestin Glendora

It has been proven that the use of Arestin in conjunction with scaling and root planning is more effective than just the scaling and root planing treatments alone. The combination will be more likely to prevent periodontal disease and has been proven to show rather significant results in smokers.

The use of Arestin also causes no pain or discomfort when it is applied during the treatment. Considering that the application is so easy and the results are so favorable, it is something that you should want to talk to your Glendora dentist about. Having a healthy set of gums will make future trips to the dental office much easier and even help with other things like preventing bad breath.

Don’t forget about your gums during your dental consultation as they are an important part of your dental health. To learn more about all of the advantages of using Arestin, call trusted Glendora dentist Dr. Desia today at (626) 914-0500 to make an appointment.

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