The image shows an African American woman holding her jaw in pain due to tooth grinding. The image shows that there are long-term effects of teeth grinding.

Long-term Effects of Teeth Grinding

Some patients might not even realize that they grind their teeth at night when sleeping. This condition is called bruxism and can cause various health-related issues. It is important to … Read more >>

featured image for article asking is bone grafting painful

Is Bone Grafting Painful?

Bone grafting is a procedure that is often done as a part of installing dental implants. In some cases, when a patient’s jaw bone is not sufficiently strong, bone grafting for … Read more >>

featured image for article for is nucalm safe

Is NuCalm Safe?

NuCalm is a revolutionary system that’s designed to bypass the fight-or-flight part of your brain that activates stress chemicals. It’s the only system outside of prescription medication that’s able to … Read more >>

featured image for article can my teenager get veneers

Can My Teenager Get Veneers?

Veneers are some of the most widely sought-after cosmetic dentistry treatments in the world due to their pain-free ease of application and stunning looks. Veneers stand as a great option … Read more >>

concept of dental crown fitting properly

Is My Dental Crown Fitting Properly?

Ever wondered about the longevity of dental crowns? The lifespan of these innovative dental solutions often crowns depends on various factors such as their composition, shape, and the extent of … Read more >>

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