CT Scan

Diagnose and treat with accuracy with the Pax i3D CT scan. This unit produces fully optimized panoramic images. This innovative CT scan provides high-quality imaging that reduces patient exposure to unnecessary X-ray radiation. This imaging system allows Dr. Desai to view multiple field of view (FOV) images for the best diagnostic results. The Pax i3D CT scan offers a wide range of ceph modes including lateral cephalometric (LAT) and full lateral cephalometric (LAT). Shots vary from small, medium and large scans of the mouth or targeted area.

Glendora CT Scan

The Pax i3D CT scan’s multi-view imaging allows us to view a comprehensive look at different areas of the mouth. Various FOV features are utilized to fully assess the endodontic structures, maxillary area and mandibular area. Our CT scan exam creates 3D images that show the bone density of teeth, sinuses, facial nerves, infections and bone irregularities.

What to Expect with a Dental CT Scan

It is recommended that one should remove all personal items that may interfere with the CT scan exam. Our highly trained imaging staff will discuss all pre-exam instructions and answer any questions the patient may have. The entire exam will take around 15 minutes. After the exam, our imaging staff will provide Dr. Desai with 3D images to pinpoint and diagnose the issue.
During the scan, patients place their chin on the unit while the machine captures a 360 degree view of the targeted area. Patients will be requested to remain still as the unit travels around the head. After the CT scan, Dr. Desai will discuss the results of the scan, a thorough diagnosis, and treatment plan with the patient.
Each treatment plan is uniquely created based on the severity of the condition and patient’s needs. CT scans continue to be a vital element in helping diagnose our patients’ dental issues.
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