Panorex X-Rays provide a full view of your upper and lower jaws, teeth, temporomandibular joints (TMJs) and sinuses. This type of x-ray helps your Glendora dentist in identifying fractures of the teeth and/or jaw bone and viewing the intricacies of impacted wisdom teeth. It also assists in diagnosing TMJ, detecting the presence of gum disease and determining asymmetry of the oral and maxillofacial area.

Glendora Panorex X-rays

glendora panorex x-raysA panorex machine is an upright unit with a place to rest your chin and your forehead.  The radiographic portion of the machine that creates an image will travel all the way around the outside of your head.

During a panorex x-ray, your head will be positioned straight and secure to prevent unnecessary movement. You will be requested to stay very still while the panorex machine travels around the outside of your head for approximately 20 seconds. After the x-ray, your trusted Glendora dentist, Dr. Desai will then discuss with you the results and also possible treatments for detected dental issues.