Best Age for Porcelain Veneers

Whether you have chips, cracks, or discolorations on the front of your teeth, you probably are looking for a quick fix. At Glendora Family Dentistry, you can invest in affordable and pain-free solutions with porcelain veneers. This is one of the most popular types of cosmetic dentistry in Glendora that patients seek from all over the world. So, let’s look at the best age for porcelain veneers.

Best Age for Porcelain Veneers

Is this an effective treatment for patients of all ages? Can children get veneers and other cosmetic dentistry procedures if their teeth are still developing? Below, our Glendora dentists will discuss the best age for porcelain veneers and the greatest benefits you can enjoy when you opt-in for one of our innovative procedures.

How Porcelain Veneers Work

Porcelain veneers are thin layers of ceramic that are placed on the front of the teeth. They are great for fixing blemishes or discolorations that you would be able to see when you smile. They are bonded to the front of the teeth and require no extra care or maintenance to keep. Porcelain veneers are shells bonded to the front of your tooth but do not cover the back, bottom, or sides. It is important that we give all of our patients the same opportunity to enjoy veneers, and we try to limit any age restrictions on this cosmetic dentistry process.

The Best Age for Dental Veneers

Though there are many different types of dental veneers, most can be applied to patients of any age. Our dentists typically recommend that patients are at least 16 – 18 years old before investing in their first set of veneers, since children’s teeth continue to mature into adulthood. There are some circumstances in which veneers can be applied to patients younger than 16, but it is important to speak with a doctor first about your best dental treatment options.

Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

There are several reasons why folks in Glendora often seek porcelain veneers for the front of their teeth:

Enjoy an All-Natural Look

Your porcelain veneers can look and feel natural as they are made to resemble your real teeth. Nobody would ever notice that you are wearing veneers in the first place! This is why it is important to brush and floss veneers as well.

Get Rid of Stains

Have problems with yellowing teeth? Want to avoid dark spots that no amount of tooth whitening procedures can get rid of? Veneers are a great way to cover up those stains so that they will no longer be visible. This is a great opportunity to give your mouth an entirely new facade!

Cover Cracks and Breaks

The number one reason why our patients ask for veneers is that they have suffered some chips or breaks on the surface of their teeth. Depending on the area and depth of the break, veneers may be the perfect solution to covering the cracks and providing a shield of protection to the tooth.

Straighten Your Smile Without Braces

If your teeth aren’t too naturally misaligned, you can apply veneers on the front to give the appearance of straightened teeth. This can help you bite and chew a lot more easily.

Get Your Dental Veneers Today!

Whether you are young or old, our family dentistry can help you find the best treatment for happy and healthy teeth. Learn more about cosmetic dentistry and the advantages of enjoying a perfect, blemish-free smile. You can learn more about your viable options for veneers and Lumineers in Glendora when you get in touch with our friendly staff today. Take the steps to better your dental health when you invest in professional cosmetic dentistry services ASAP.

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