Can My Teenager Get Veneers?

Veneers are some of the most widely sought-after cosmetic dentistry treatments in the world due to their pain-free ease of application and stunning looks. Veneers stand as a great option for anyone who is suffering from cracks, chips, breaks, or major discoloration. If you are in the market for a new family dentist who can treat family members of all ages with cosmetic treatments, you might be wondering if there is an age limit for veneers. Many parents ask, “Can my teenager get veneers?”

Can My Teenager Get Veneers?

Our dental specialists are here to help you answer this question. Let us dive into the details of veneers to understand what they are and whether or not teenagers with developing teeth are viable candidates. Remember to get in touch with one of our friendly representatives for any further questions.

Veneers are Permanent

Veneers are applied to the surface of a natural tooth using dental bonding. This adhesive makes it so that the veneers can never fall off or become detached from the tooth behind it. Because of this, veneers are permanent applications in the mouth. It is very difficult to reverse a veneer procedure, so it is important to think about your teenager’s dental needs.

If they have already gone through braces or similar orthodontic treatments and do not need more adjustments, it could be a good time for your child to get veneers. Otherwise, it might be a good idea to consult an orthodontist before making any permanent decisions.

Veneers Require Mouth Development

Most dentists are inclined to say “no” immediately after being asked whether or not a teenager is a good candidate for veneers. This is because most teenagers are still in a dental developmental process. The average person loses their last baby tooth around 12 years of age, and some people do not have a fully developed set of adult teeth until after age 18. Some dentists may require that a teenager is at least 16 years old before being considered for veneers.

Get Braces First

Aside from the natural development cycle, teenagers may also have to go through a period of physical adjustment. It is common for kids between the ages of 12 and 16 to get braces. These serve as orthodontic treatments designed to straighten misaligned teeth. This process can take up to two years, completely changing the structure of the teeth during that time.

But veneers are permanently stuck to the front of the teeth. So there remains a big risk that they could receive damage or end up imperfect after going through a round of braces. Our experts advise that all orthodontic needs are taken care of before considering cosmetic dentistry.

The Veneers Age Limit

Every dental practice is different, and therefore they may have different age limits for veneers and other similar cosmetic procedures. It is a general rule of thumb that kids still have a lot of growing to do. So veneers should only be considered in emergency situations. However, it never hurts to schedule a personal consultation with your dentist to see what the best options for you and your teenager are.

Similarly, elderly patients older than 65 may have to check with their dentist to see if they qualify for veneers. Major tooth loss or decay means that there is no place for the veneers to stick. Therefore, the procedure wouldn’t work. The dentist can recommend more advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry options for patients of any age in need of special care.

Get the Best Dental Services for Teenagers in Glendora

Looking for excellent and affordable dental veneers in Glendora? Our friendly experts are available for patients of all ages. See how the whole family can take advantage of our services, which are designed to boost your dental health for life. Visit us today to learn more.

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