Can Teens Get Dental Implants?

Those suffering from extreme tooth loss are typically recommended a restorative dentistry procedure to bring back as much health and wellness to the mouth as possible. When adult patients visit their dentist in Glendora with missing teeth, they are immediately fitted for dental implants. So can teens get dental implants?

Can Teens Get Dental Implants?

But what is the procedure when a young person comes to us with missing teeth? Can teens get dental implants, or is it only recommended for adults?

Unfortunately, the options for teenagers are a little more limited than those for adults. Children’s mouths are still developing well into adulthood, making the right treatment a little trickier to figure out. Below, we will share more thoughts about teenagers and dental restoration options that work best for them.

The Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants are common and successful restorative dentistry options for patients who are missing multiple teeth. Implants are permanent fixtures that look, feel, and work like real teeth. Essentially, this gives a gummy mouth a second lease on life! But how does the procedure work?


First, the dentist will complete an examination to determine the exact state of the patient’s oral health. It is important that there are still enough real teeth in the mouth to support the dental implant structure. The jawbone must also be intact and strong enough to keep the dental implants in place.

Implant Surgery

Dental implants typically require two different surgical procedures, several months apart. The first surgery involves the actual attachment of the implants, which are inserted under the gumline. Small posts may stick out of the gums, which will have teeth put on them later on. During the second surgery, abutments are attached to connect the fake teeth to the implant.

Artificial Tooth Attachment

While dental implants sometimes require multiple trips to the dentist, the results are often well worth the wait. The final step in getting dental implants is having your dentist attach the artificial teeth to the abutment. This will secure your brand-new teeth into your mouth, letting you chew and smile like normal again.

Why Teens Can’t Get Dental Implants

Most teenagers are still undergoing a lot of development when it comes to their oral health. Jaws and jawbones continue to grow well past age 20, making it more difficult to diagnose and treat problems that come from missing teeth in teens.

We understand that missing teeth can cause a huge dip in self-esteem and confidence, especially in teens who have undergone some sort of physical injury. While dental implants are not often the correct solution for teens, there are other restorative dentistry solutions available to those in need of new teeth.

Alternative Treatment Options

While it may not feel like a cool or sleek idea, dentures are always a good option for those who cannot get dental implants. These removable teeth offer flexibility and comfort in ways that cannot end up found in a mouth full of missing teeth.

Depending on how many missing teeth your teenager has, bridges may also be a viable solution. Bridges will “bridge” the gap between one or more missing teeth, creating a safe and stable area in the mouth. Bridges are made to resemble natural teeth, making it impossible to tell that any dental work has even been done.

Find the Best Dentistry Options for Teens Today

If your teenage child is dealing with a number of oral health problems and you don’t know what solution is right for them, be sure to visit our friendly family dentists. Whether or not it is a good idea for younger patients to get dental implants in Glendora, there are plenty of other treatments available to patients of all ages. Inquire now and sign up for a personal consultation!

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