Can You Get Braces with a Missing Tooth?

Braces are commonly seen in children who deal with a misalignment in their bite or jaw. Known as malocclusions, these misalignments can cause severe issues with biting, chewing, and swallowing. In most cases, braces are the quickest and easiest solution to solving malocclusion. Children can get braces without having to invest in any surgery or invasive procedure. But what happens when your kid has a missing tooth? Is it still possible to get your braces with a missing tooth aligned properly?

This same question applies to adults as well: is it necessary to get a crown or a replacement tooth before getting braces?

At Glendora Family Dentistry, we offer several different solutions and treatment options to fit all of our patients’ needs. It is still possible to get braces to correct spacing issues in the teeth, whether or not you have a missing tooth. However, we would like to suggest an implant before the orthodontic treatment begins.

How to Get Braces with Missing Teeth

As a child, getting braces with missing teeth is recommended. It is a good idea because braces can help make more space in that gap for the adult tooth to come in. If there is not enough space for the adult tooth to erupt, it will cause further complications and problems with malocclusion.

As an adult, it is still possible to get braces with missing teeth. However, since your teeth are more permanent and do not shift around as much as childhood teeth do, it may be necessary to get a tooth implant first. It all depends on the space of the gap between your teeth. In fact, Orthodontic Associates mention that getting braces might even be the best option for those with a missing tooth.

Tooth Replacement Options Before or After Braces

If you have a missing tooth as an adult, you may want to consider an implant or a cosmetic procedure to fill in that irritating gap. And a missing tooth gap can be more than just irritating, too; it can be a place that gathers harmful bacteria and other particles.

The best option for replacing your missing tooth would be a dental implant. Although some surgery is required, this is the most successful procedure in all of dentistry and provides a long-lasting tooth that you can use for the rest of your natural life. It will look and feel like a real tooth, and you can treat it all the same.

Whether you get your dental implant before or after getting braces depends on the nature of the missing tooth. How big is the gap caused by your missing tooth? Is it big enough for an implant to fit in? If so, you may consider an implant before you invest in braces.

On the other hand, if the gap is too small, you should get braces first to open up that space. Either way, it is completely possible to get braces with missing teeth. Our friendly experts at Glendora Family Dentistry would be happy to share more information with you.

Get Braces the Right Way!

Whether you or your child needs braces, it’s important to schedule a full consultation first. It’s necessary for the orthodontist to get a comprehensive assessment of the state of your teeth. That way, it is possible to tell whether you need an implant or another procedure before getting your braces put on.

There are several options available to you when you want to get braces at Glendora Family Dentistry. If you are interested in learning more, you can request an appointment online or give us a call at (626) 427-6236 for a free digital assessment!

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