How Many Cavities Do Teens Usually Have?

As a new parent, you will hear a lot of stories about young children getting cavities and how you can protect their teeth over time. As an adult, you also need to worry about the health of your own teeth. Cavities can persist throughout someone’s entire life, and the only way to prevent them is to invest in a good daily oral hygiene routine. But how many cavities do teens usually have>

How Many Cavities Do Teens Usually Have?

As your child gets older, it may be more difficult to play games with them to get them to brush their teeth. How many cavities do teens usually have as a result of this? Unfortunately, this is one of the least represented groups of people who are prone to cavities. Here’s what our Glendora Dentist wants you to know about the prevalence of teen cavities and how to prevent them.

Cavities in Adolescents

There is a major prevalence of cavities amongst teenagers because a lot of teens start to lose sight of the importance of daily brushing and flossing. In fact, up to 59% of adolescents have had cavities at some point between the ages of 12-19. 20% of those teens have untreated cavities which lead to serious issues like decay and infection.

What do you do when your teenager has an undiagnosed cavity? Symptoms of tooth pain, sensitivity to temperatures, and general aches can all be a sign that a cavity is forming. It is important to visit your dentist ASAP for proper dental fillings in Glendora.

Preventing Cavities

The best way to reduce the likelihood of cavities forming in your teenager’s mouth is to help them practice good dental hygiene. There are several things you can do as a parent to help your growing child understand why teeth health is important, even if daily brushing seems like too much of a chore.

Try these strategies:

Take Them Shopping

Your teen isn’t a little kid anymore; they probably won’t want to keep using their small Barbie toothbrush. You can make them feel like a responsible adult by taking them to the store to pick out their own toothbrush and toothpaste. That will help them feel more in control of their oral health!

Discuss Pros and Cons

Most people learn about the basics of dental health when they are kids, but there might still be a lot that your teenager doesn’t know. One sure-fire way to get stubborn teens to brush their teeth is to mention the consequences of poor dental hygiene. Since they are older, they will better understand what can happen when they don’t take care of their bodies.

Find an Oral Hygiene App

Did you know that there are helpful dental apps that can encourage kids and adolescents to stay on top of their oral health? Brushout and Brush DJ are two popular options designed for teenagers and young people who need some help staying motivated when brushing their teeth. Most of these apps can be customized with colors, images, and other features to make the experience unique each time they brush their teeth.

Schedule Your Teen’s Oral Health Appointment ASAP

Like younger children, teenagers still have teeth that are growing. But as they become young adults, these adolescents will start to care less about keeping up with their oral health routine. You can help them stay interested in the overall health and wellness of their teeth. With engaging routines and even mobile phone apps, there are lots of ways to make sure that cleaning your teeth is still cool.

Dental cavities often go unchecked or unnoticed in teenagers. Make sure to communicate with your loved ones about whether or not they are dealing with the signs of a dental care. Visit your local dentist and schedule an appointment ASAP if your teen has dental cavities.

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