How to Keep Dentures from Falling Out

Patients who are looking to replace their teeth can choose dentures. You can wear dentures with confidence, and they will restore full functionality to your mouth without you having to make any permanent changes. Dentures have the advantage of being removable, comfortable, and easy to clean. You can place them in a solution overnight for cleaning. Let’s look at how to keep dentures from falling out.

How to Keep Dentures from Falling Out

You can have your upper dentures and teeth fall out if you don’t care for them. This annoying problem is caused by poor denture fitting or an oral health issue. You can prevent this from happening by practicing good habits. Today, your friendly dentist in Glendora will show you how to keep dentures from falling out and how to keep your mouth in good health for years and years to come.

Dentures Take Some Getting Used To

It can feel odd to have dentures in your mouth for the first time. Although you might feel that they aren’t right for you at first, your mouth will adjust over time. Your remaining teeth, gums, and bones will adapt to the shape of dentures over time. They will feel normal.

Be patient and slow down when you are still learning how to adjust to your new additions to your mouth. Talk slowly, eat soft foods, and contact your dentist if you are experiencing pain or discomfort with your dentures.

Always Keep Your Dentures Clean

For a perfect fit, denture maintenance is essential. Your dentures should be cleaned every day, just like your real teeth. To remove food particles or plaque, you can use a toothbrush. You should not use toothpaste. To clean dentures, you should soak them in warm water. Warm water is better than hot or cold water. This water will keep them in shape and prevent them from loosening up. You can also invest in a special dental solution given to you directly by your dentist.

Remove Dentures Before You Sleep!

You should not wear dentures while you sleep unless your dentist has specifically instructed you to. Studies show that dentures can increase your risk of infection, disease, and inflammation. If your dentures are not cleaned regularly, food particles and plaque can build up and cause serious problems. Your oral hygiene is better if your dentures are removed while you’re sleeping. They can be soaked in warm water during this time and will remain clean for you when you wake up.

Take Care When You Eat

Your dentures are most at risk from hard foods. You can damage your dentures if you eat too hard food. You may also have difficulty eating when your dentures are first fitted. These are all reasons to eat slowly and gently as you adjust to dentures.

You should eat small portions of your food. Avoid soft foods. When you’re still getting used to dentures, yogurt, pudding, or eggs can be a good option. Avoid sticky, chewy or crunchy products. To ensure your dentures stay in place, you should chew with both your teeth.

Take the Best Care of Your Dentures Today!

Glendora Family Dentistry offers durable dentures that will restore your smile and health. Dentures are a great choice for anyone who has lost all or a few teeth and doesn’t want permanent dental implants. Dentures can feel and look like natural teeth when fitted right.

Learn more about the benefits of our top-notch treatments for dentures in Glendora when you contact our restorative dentistry specialists. Whether you are a good candidate for dentures or dental implants, we can curate a custom treatment plan that works for you. You don’t have to live in pain and suffering; contact us today to feel the dental freedom you deserve.

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