Is NuCalm Safe?

NuCalm is a revolutionary system that’s designed to bypass the fight-or-flight part of your brain that activates stress chemicals. It’s the only system outside of prescription medication that’s able to do this scientifically. Is NuCalm safe?

However, like any new technology, it’s very important to ensure that whatever you’re engaging with is safe and worthwhile. Fortunately, in the case of NuCalm, you have nothing to worry about, as the technology implements no hazardous elements at all.

Is NuCalm Safe?

Interested in the benefits of NuCalm for dentistry? Take a look at this overview of the safety and procedures surrounding this revolutionary stress treatment.

The NuCalm Basics

NuCalm is a relaxation program that’s designed to help induce a state of rest and relaxation. When utilized properly, NuCalm can produce a similar set of beneficial effects as a full night’s sleep in just an hour.

NuCalm works by helping the nervous system to bypass the parts of it that keep us in emergency survival mode. This is the part of the nervous system that’s known as the limbic system. In natural waking life, this part of the nervous system is prone to overtaking the part of our brains that’s responsible for rational decision-making and controlling our emotions.

Part of this is due to the fact that the limbic system is actually more useful in survival situations than rational decision-making. The body will prioritize this type of behavior in the case of a true emergency. NuCalm interrupts this biological process to reduce stress and bring you to a state of true calm.

What Can NuCalm Be Used For?

The applications of NuCalm treatment are quite numerous. Some of the primary uses for it are as follows:

  • Reducing stress: NuCalm helps to guide your brain waves back to the alpha and theta ranges, all while suspending the parasympathetic nervous system. This brings you to a state of total relaxation where you are physically unable to become stressed at all.
  • Helping you sleep: NuCalm can also help someone sleep. The body’s natural circadian rhythms can be disrupted quite easily from travel across time zones, environmental changes, or just general inconsistency in one’s sleep schedule. This, in turn, has the potential to affect the body’s hormonal levels. This turns into a negative spiral that makes someone feel exhausted.
  • Increase productivity: NuCalm is used by people under high amounts of pressure to create energy and reduce stress. This includes public speakers and professional athletes. The service currently has found fans in many major sports leagues, including the NBA and MLB.

Overall, it serves to relax one when taking on the challenges of the modern world. NuCalm can help one achieve this state of being.

The Different Types of Brain Waves

The nervous system is incredibly complex and consists of millions of brain cells forming an even larger network of connections with each other. When masses of neurons send pulses of coordinated activity, this produces a pattern. These patterns are registered in Hertz or cycles per second.

Higher-order brain activity will produce certain types of waves, like beta or gamma waves. The beta wave consciousness is predominant when we are in a normal waking state. When you sleep, your brain primarily produces delta brain waves. Achieving a balance between brain waves is somewhat paramount to achieving balance in one’s life.

NuCalm uses guided meditation to bring the mind between these frequencies to create feelings of calm. This process has clinical proof to improve one’s functionality and performance while performing day-to-day tasks.

Biosignal Processing Discs

One of the keys to NuCalm’s success and treatment stands as the use of Biosignal Processing Discs. These discs vibrate at frequencies harmonious with the frequencies produced by your NuCalm sessions.

The biosignal processing disks provide a neurochemical backing to the rest of the NuCalm experience. This accelerates the onset of the relaxation response for the duration of your NuCalm treatment.

These discs can end up used or not depending on the preference of the patient. Some patients may find that they experience a small amount of irritation or a light burning sensation on their skin. These types of issues are typical and shouldn’t result in any long-term damage.

Glendora’s Best Dentist

Glendora Family Dentistry remains committed to offering you and your family the finest quality dental work available. If you find yourself interested in speaking with a dentist about the possibility of receiving NuCalm treatment, contact our family dentist today in order to schedule a consultation and see if this fascinating treatment plan will work for you.

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