Should I Get All Four Wisdom Teeth Removed at Once?

Wisdom teeth pain is a very common experience for young patients as they grow into adulthood. When this pain gets too severe, your dentist will recommend that your wisdom teeth get removed. But if you are like most of our patients who visit the office of our family dentist in Glendora, you may ask, “Should I get all four wisdom teeth removed at once?”

Should I Get All Four Wisdom Teeth Removed at Once?

The answer depends on the way your wisdom teeth are growing in and how severe your pain is. For the most part, your dentist will probably want to remove all four of them at once. Even if you don’t have pain in all four wisdom teeth. Let’s learn more about the wisdom tooth removal process.

How Third Molars Work

Third molars are often referred to as “wisdom teeth” because they are the last set of teeth to grow in. Most people experience wisdom tooth pain from ages 16-18, and the pain can persist through adulthood. Since the rest of the teeth have already grown in, there often isn’t enough room for the wisdom teeth to emerge without being crowded.

Third molars tend to increase risk factors for a lifetime of oral health problems, which is why your orthodontist may opt to remove all four of them in the same session. You do have the option to invest in a “wait and see” procedure where only the painful teeth will be removed, but your dentist may still recommend that you take them all out.

Benefits of Removing All 4 Wisdom Teeth at Once

Whether or not you are experiencing pain and discomfort in all 4 of your third molars, you may want to consider getting them all removed at once. Some of the biggest benefits include:


It makes more financial sense to have one procedure in which you remove all of your teeth, rather than risking multiple procedures to remove them at different times. Different consultation visits may get expensive as well.

Fast Healing

Wisdom tooth extraction may require you to take a couple of days off to recover. But healing time is pretty fast. It only takes a couple of weeks for full healing. You may have a little bit of pain in the first few days, which can be mitigated with prescribed medication.

Sedation Options

A lot of patients suffer from dental anxiety, making them afraid of a procedure like this. Thankfully, there are Intravenous sedation options for wisdom teeth removal so the patient can be unconscious throughout the visit.

Why Wisdom Tooth Extraction May Be Right For You

Wisdom teeth that grow in wrong can have a serious effect on your dental health. When there is no room for the tooth to erupt, this could cause an impacted tooth. This ultimately leads to swelling and infection. Do you have sure signs that the wisdom teeth will cause such major dental issues? Then wisdom teeth removal will be recommended.

Anesthesia is a great way to reduce dental anxiety as well as pain so you can have a quick recovery time. Removing all four of your wisdom teeth at once is an especially good idea for those who do not wish to go through this process more than once.

Remove Your Wisdom Teeth in One Easy Procedure!

Whether one or all of your wisdom teeth are causing you pain, it’s important to discuss whether or not you should remove all four of them at once. You can schedule a personal consultation with our dentists in Glendora to find out if wisdom tooth extraction is the right procedure for you. Give us a call today to learn more!

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