Treatment for Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is an infection in the gums that can cause long-term damage to the teeth if it not detected and treated as early as possible. Unfortunately, most people who have periodontal disease are unaware of it until it has caused significant damage. Periodontal disease allows gum pockets to form, leaving your teeth more at risk of developing plaque, tartar, and bacteria. Left unchecked, these issues could affect the stability of a tooth or even cause you to lose your tooth to dental disease. At Glendora Family Dentistry, we work with patients to identify and treat periodontal disease before they experience serious issues from it.

Deep Cleaning Can Reverse Periodontal Disease

Dr. Desai typically offers deep cleaning as a first-line treatment for periodontal disease. This procedure involves scaling and root planing of one quadrant of your mouth at each appointment. The reason he breaks it up is that the deep cleaning process causes extreme numbness of the mouth and gums for several hours afterwards. As Dr. Desai completes root planing and scaling, he is able to remove bacteria from your teeth and gums so you don’t develop an infection in the future.

In addition to eliminating bacteria from your mouth, deep cleaning decreases the size of gum pockets while eliminating plaque and tartar at the same time. Having any amount of bacteria, plaque, or tartar present in your mouth jeopardizes your oral health. Dr. Desai’s assistant will provide you with detailed at-home instructions to help you fight periodontal disease after your appointment. Some things that are particularly useful include using an electronic toothbrush and rinsing your mouth with medicated mouthwash every day. If your gum pockets are severe, Dr. Desai may write a prescription for medication you can take to discourage their growth.

Periodontal Surgery is a Last Resort

For a small percentage of patients, root planing and scaling is not enough to prevent new gum pockets from developing. When this happens, periodontal surgery may be necessary. When Dr. Desai performs this surgery, he reshapes your gums to allow for normal functioning as well as the prevention of bacteria, plaque, and tartar.

We encourage you to contact Glendora Family Dentistry if you’re concerned about periodontal disease. After a brief examination, Dr. Desai will confirm whether you have it and discuss options for treatment.

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