What Are the Best Ways to Get Something Out of Your Teeth Without a Toothpick?

Getting food stuck in your teeth can be a big embarrassment if you’re unaware or can’t seem to get it out. Some of us avoid ordering certain foods altogether because we’re nervous about getting it stuck in our teeth. Who hasn’t opted for an onion bagel instead of an everything because of those pesky little poppy seeds? If you can remember to carry a pack of toothpicks with you, you’ll likely be saved from this mess, but not all of us do. No need to panic: here are a few crafty ideas that can help get that annoying piece of food out of your teeth without a toothpick in sight!


Keeping a pack of floss in your purse or in your pocket is one of the best ways to get something out of your teeth. Toothpicks don’t always do a great job getting food out of your teeth anyway and sometimes end up just pushing the item deeper into the crevices of your teeth. Floss, on the other hand, does a way better job at lifting the food up and out of those spaces. Using floss is also a much safer and gentler way to get something out of your teeth, especially if you use a more gentle-branded floss that supports sensitive gums. Flossing can also be done discreetly: sneak away to a bathroom or tie a not around your finger with the floss to quickly get the job done.

Use a Straw

Using a straw to get food out of your teeth is both innovative and effective! Pinch together the straw so that it becomes flat and use it just as you would a toothpick. You can even just focus on using the corners of the straw to poke out stuck food.

Swish and Spit

Another great way to get food out of your teeth is by swishing and spitting with water or any other beverage you have on hand. Sometimes this technique of pushing water in and out through your teeth is enough to get the job done.


If you’re stuck at a dinner with a new date and your tongue isn’t doing the job to get that piece of food out of your teeth, just sneak away a fork into your purse, up your sleeve, or in your pocket and excuse yourself away to the bathroom. Using the pointed metal of a fork can help free you of this embarrassment, just be sure to go slow and steady as to not damage any of the surrounding gums.

Eat Your Vegetables

Vegetables aren’t only a source of good fiber and health, but they also work to clean your teeth, so go ahead and order that plate of peppers and hummus.

Use a Piece of Paper

Another way to help your lack of toothpick dilemma is to fold the corner of a piece of paper into a small triangle and use the tip to pry away.

Whatever tool you choose to use to get something out of your teeth, it’s important to remember to be gentle. Don’t put anything in your mouth that seems risky or could potentially be damaging to your teeth or gums. If your teeth are suffering from any damage already done, Glendora Family Dentistry is just a call away from dental relief. Give us a call today for any emergency same-day appointments or any other dental needs at 626-427-6236.

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