What Causes Our Teeth to be White?

Everyone aspires to have perfectly white teeth. At Glendora Family Dentistry, we offer transformative teeth whitening services for a pain-free experience. If you’re looking for ways for your teeth to stay squeaky clean, check out our informational guide below.

Before going into the details of how to whiten teeth, and especially how to avoid discoloration, it’s important to know what exactly makes our teeth white in the first place. Our cosmetic dentist in Glendora can provide a few simple tips to help keep your teeth white at home, before you have to come in for an in-office procedure.

Why do our teeth get white? What causes spots of discoloration? Here’s everything you need to know.

It’s All in the Enamel

The leading cause for whiteness on your teeth is the enamel, which is a protective layer on the surface of your teeth. This substance keeps your teeth from becoming too sensitive, or from becoming stripped away by abrasive surfaces.

Enamel itself is white, and the tooth underneath is a yellow dentin. However, the reason enamel is to credit for your tooth’s shine and sparkle is because it is so easy to stain it. When the enamel becomes stained, your teeth start to lose that clean, white color.


Discoloration of the enamel can be caused by a few things:

  • Erosion, revealing dentin
  • Buildup of plaque
  • Dark foods and drinks
  • Tobacco

Whether you have a habit of smoking or drinking, there are certain things you consume that can be causing your teeth to turn yellow. Even soda and sugary snacks are some of the worst culprits on your teeth.

However, don’t lose hope. There are several ways that you can get in the habit of preventing yellow teeth, while also seeking our cosmetic dentist in Glendora for a professional spic and span shine.

Eat Less Staining Foods

As mentioned above, there are several types of foods that can cause the enamel to erode, revealing yellow dentin underneath. Try to stay away from the following items, if possible:

  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • Chocolate
  • Fruit juice
  • Soda
  • Candy

While avoiding these foods will not whiten already yellowed teeth, it will help you become less prone to stains in the future.

Use Baking Soda

A good way to give your teeth a good scrub before you see our professionals is to use baking soda with your toothbrush. Although mildly abrasive, it is the perfect combination of rough and soft to get away those surface stains.

Some stains run deeper and cannot be removed with this simple trick. However, you can get a feel for what it takes to restore your enamel by scrubbing with baking soda a couple of times. You’ll soon notice a difference.

Eat Raw Veggies

What does a healthy diet have to do with whitening your teeth? Well, eating raw vegetables like carrots and crunchy celery can help your teeth whiten as you chew.

Eating crunchy items can naturally rub away the plaque on your enamel, revealing the whiteness once again. While it isn’t a cure-all situation for some of the more major stains, it can help to brighten things up a little.

Schedule Your Pain-Free Tooth Whitening Session Today!

Contact our cosmetic dentist in Glendora to get a personalized tooth whitening plan. If you want to get rid of that dirty plaque on your teeth and regain confidence in your smile and attitude, our professionals would be more than happy to help. Don’t let your enamel erode away! For more information on our whitening sessions and other services, you can contact us online or give us a call at (626) 427-6236. We look forward to helping you brighten your pearly whites! 


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