What Color Should Your Teeth Be?

Every toothpaste and teeth whitening commercial is flooded with messages on how pearly white your teeth should be. In fact, some have even gone far enough to say that your teeth should pass the “napkin test.” This suggests that your teeth should be the same color white as a white napkin. However, is it healthy for your teeth to be that white? What color should your teeth be? For more information on teeth whitening in Glendora and proper dental hygiene, contact the experts at Glendora Family Dentistry.

What Color Should Your Teeth Be?

Recent studies have suggested that teeth that are slightly yellow are actually much healthier than pearly white teeth. There are a few reasons why that is. First, the overall health of your mouth is related to much more than just your teeth, like your gums, tongue, and throat. Over-the-counter teeth whitening products may make your teeth whitener, but it doesn’t address the overall health of your mouth. Plus, if they are used incorrectly they can strip your enamel.

Second, the dentin beneath your enamel is naturally yellow. Since its chemical and structural composition is naturally not perfectly white, it is 100% natural for the teeth to have a slightly yellow tint. However, if your teeth begin to take on a medium or deep yellow shade, then that is cause for alarm. The deeper yellow shades may indicate something as frequent as staining or something more serious, like tooth decay. Regular trips to the dentist will ensure that your teeth are properly taken care of with consistent cleanings. This will also ensure that a professional is regularly checking on your teeth and addresses any causes for concern.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

Tooth discoloration is not only a cosmetic issue, but it could also indicate a more serious issue. Here are a few things to be aware of that can cause tooth discoloration:

  • Deep colored fruits. Fruits that are deep in color, like pomegranates and blueberries, can stain your teeth. That is because dark berries have chromogens, which are a compound that produces a pigment that is difficult to rub off. If not attended to properly, these chromogens can cause your teeth to stain.
  • Certain medications. Medications can have incredible benefits. However, some medications have teeth discoloration as one of their side effects. With each medication that you are prescribed, make sure to be familiar with the effects it can have on your teeth.
  • Spices with deep pigmentation. Spices, like curry, are known for their tasty, rich flavor. However, their deep pigmentation can stain your teeth over time. When eating foods that use curry frequently, make sure to brush, floss, and clean your teeth soon after so the remnants are not stuck on your teeth long after.
  • Dark-colored liquids. Dressings with a naturally deep color, like balsamic, can stain your teeth over time. This is especially prevalent because some dark dressings have a strong acidic base, which can cause havoc on your teeth if they are not properly cleaned after. The same applies to dark-colored beverages, like coffee and tea.

Top Glendora Dentist

Being educated on what color your teeth should be is crucial. This knowledge will allow you to be familiar with what is both a healthy and unhealthy look for your teeth to have. Proper brushing, regular flossing, and avoiding tooth-staining food and beverages can help ensure that the health of your mouth is optimal. However, it is important to also include regular trips to your Glendora dentist in your dental hygiene plan. For more information on Glendora Family Dentistry and how we can help you with your teeth, contact our team today here.

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