What do you do when your tooth filling is removed?

Dental fillings are often used by dentists to cover up the hole in our teeth which is caused by tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when acids in our mouth dissolve the outer layer part of our teeth and this produces holes which can result in tooth loss. Acids are produced when sugar combines with the bacteria present in the plaques of your teeth.

Tooth fillings are one way to restore the aesthetic function of your teeth. However, there will come a time that your tooth fillings will loosen up and are eventually removed from your teeth. If this happens, you should know what to do. Here are some tips that you should follow:

–   The first step that you should do is to remove the remains of the dental fillings in your mouth to prevent breathing and swallowing in the misplaced filling.

–   Call your dentist to set up an emergency appointment to replace your dental filling. Fillings can become loose whenever they are not bonded to the tooth properly. If this happens, your dentist may replace the fillings for free.

–   While waiting for your emergency appointment, always make sure that the area where you had your fillings is clean at all times. This area is prone in trapping food debris, so you need to brush them regularly.

–   You may take an over-the-counter medication to lessen the discomfort felt due to the exposed nerve.

–   You can also use an over-the-counter filling to temporarily close the area until your dentist appointment comes up.

It is important to report a loose or missing dental filling to your dentist and have it replaced immediately.


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