What to Do if You Break a Veneer

Veneers are a durable restoration option for those looking to cover up stains or cracks on their front teeth. But while they are built to last, veneers aren’t invulnerable. A proper care and maintenance routine is required in order to keep your teeth in good shape. But what should you do if you break a veneer?

What to Do if You Break a Veneer

Veneers are built to mimic natural teeth, which means they must be treated the same way. They are prone to cracks and blemishes, just like your real teeth are. You can seek veneer repair or replacement in the event an accident happens. Our dentist in Glendora wants you to stay prepared so you know what to do if you break a veneer.

Assess the Damage

Depending on the nature of your broken veneer, you may want to seek out emergency dentistry. You should figure out what part of the veneer is broken, how much is broken, and whether any pieces can be salvaged. It’s best to collect the pieces from your mouth right away so you don’t accidentally swallow them.

In some cases, your veneer might be able to be saved. Otherwise, a broken veneer can put your oral health at risk with its jagged edges. This also allows for a buildup of bacteria that makes it harder to stay on top of good health.

Contact Your Dentist

The most important step in the process of fixing your veneer is letting your dentist know what happened. What might seem like a mild break to you may be a cause for concern, according to your dental professional. You should make arrangements and schedule an appointment with your local dentist right away.

Check On Your Tooth

Most people who break their veneers start to worry about what will happen to the tooth underneath. Fortunately, it is likely that nothing happened at all. Veneers protect your real teeth in the event that things like this happen.

Your dentist will still want to take a look at your teeth, however. You will likely have to wait for a new veneer to be made and replaced. In the meantime, your teeth will be exposed.

Look for Symptoms

Although your teeth are protected, they may still feel raw or exposed after your veneers have chipped off. You might start to notice that:

  • Your teeth are sensitive to air when you breathe
  • You can’t stand extreme heat or cold on your front teeth
  • Your teeth feel rougher or sharper than usual

There are a few simple first-aid remedies you can practice while you wait for your dental appointment. For example, you can use a special dental wax to keep your exposed tooth from feeling vulnerable. In general, only professional veneer care is recommended.

Discuss Treatment Options

On the day of your veneer repair appointment, you will talk with your cosmetic dentist about whether or not the veneer can be saved. If it has chipped, cracked, or broken, it is likely that a replacement is more affordable and effective. However, there are some situations in which intact veneers can be reattached. It all depends on whether or not the veneer’s internal surface is undamaged, and if the surface of your tooth is still fit for a smooth dental adhesive.

Get the Best Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Today

A high-quality set of veneers are built to last you a lifetime, and you should never depend on having problems with these quick porcelain treatments. From time to time, accidents can happen that cause the veneers to break. Whether you are dealing with a chip or a crack, you need to schedule an appointment with your cosmetic dentistry expert right away. Learn more about Glendora dental veneers and cosmetic repair options today!

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