Dental Bridge Vs Dental Crown

Anyone with chipped or broken teeth can become a great candidate for our top-notch restorative dentistry procedures. Two of the most common and popular types of treatments, bridges and crowns, provide an immediate fix that will leave you feeling and looking better. Today, your Glendora dentist will break down the differences between a dental bridge vs. dental crown to help you understand the key factors of these two unique treatment options.

Dental Bridge Vs Dental Crown

What Are Bridges?

Dental bridges are a recommended treatment for anyone who has one or more missing teeth. While cracked and chipped teeth may benefit from a crown, completely missing teeth need a dental bridge to fill in the remaining gaps. Bridges are named that way because they actually bridge the gaps between your teeth, which can prevent bone deterioration and even facial malformation over time.

Using a composite material that looks and feels like your natural tooth, the dentist will apply bridges in between your teeth, making a structural wall that prevents surrounding teeth from caving in. This also helps your jawbone stay intact without having to get dental implant surgery.

What Are Crowns?

Crowns are similar to dental bridges, which is why patients often get these two treatments confused. Like bridges, dental crowns protect your damaged teeth by covering the areas of chips and cracks with a cap. This cap, or crown, looks like the top of a natural tooth, giving you some extra reinforcement. This can help you restore your mouth back to good function while improving the shape and feel of your mouth.

The surface of your tooth is usually the most vulnerable, and it is also the most used part of your mouth. It is incredibly important to protect this area as much as you can, and adding crowns can give you the dental dexterity needed to chew and speak confidently again.

Crowns or Bridges: Which One is Right for You?

Both crowns and bridges are highly sought-after restorative dentistry treatments that can completely transform the state of your dental health. Not only do crowns and bridges protect your teeth from damage, but they also help you avoid the spread of bacteria and decay. The only decision you’ll have to make is whether bridges or crowns are the better option for your current situation.

If you have dealt with cracks, chips, blemishes, or marks of discoloration on your teeth for too long and you are ready to get a brand-new facade once and for all, you should look for custom-made crowns. Those who have suffered so much dental damage that their teeth completely fall out of their mouth might be better off getting bridges to completely fill in that missing space.

Become a Candidate for Crowns and Bridges Today

Restorative dentistry is a good idea for anyone whose dental health is less than stellar. Bridges and crowns can repair chipped or cracked teeth, whether natural or implant-supported. Most fractures, breaks, and gaps of missing teeth can receive treatment with custom-made crowns and bridges. We create these to fit your mouth perfectly. Even patients who have had a root canal procedure may end up with a weak tooth that needs some extra support to stay strong.

No matter your reason for candidacy, it’s important to act fast and avoid increased dental damage. You can sign up for your own set of dental bridges in Glendora by reaching out to our friendly experts in person or online. These surgery-free procedures are a great way to prolong your dental functionality and keep oral health issues at bay. Learn more when you sign up as a first-time customer with us today!

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