Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used to cover up a problematic tooth. These coverings or caps are shaped into an actual tooth to give you an aesthetically pleasing look. This treatment is necessary when a particular tooth is nearing decay or in certain instances when a tooth is broken, chipped or discolored. Dental crowns can be made out of many different types of materials.
For example, metal crowns are recommended due to its strong consistency which upholds against biting and chewing forces. However, some patients find the color of metal crowns esthetically unappealing.
Crowns can also be made out of porcelain, are dental crowns made entirely from ceramic porcelain. Most patients like this type of crown because they are usually less expensive than metal and also look more pleasing and natural.

Restore the beauty and health of your smile

A dental crown procedure normally involves multiple visits. On your first visit trusted Glendora dentist Dr. Desai will start reshaping your tooth so that it will be covered perfectly with a natural feel. This is an important step since chewing and biting involves the need to have natural grooves so that the crown can be seated properly.
We will also take an impression of your tooth so that the dental lab will know exactly what shape the material should have. On your second visit, your dental crown will be seated on your tooth and we will examine to ensure the fitting is perfect. Once everything is in place, cement is used to fuse the material to your tooth.
Dr. Desai will give you general care instructions which include staying away from chewy or hard foods that can potentially damage your newly fitted crown. To make an appointment and have your teeth looking and feeling great again, call us at 626-427-6236.
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