Dental bridges are restorative dental products mainly used to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges are often times compared to other cosmetic restorative products such as dentures and dental implants. When you have missing teeth, it can severely impact not only your aesthetic features, but also cause other damaging effects such as misalignment of the teeth, TMJ, and even gum disease or periodontal disease.

dental bridges GlendoraMissing a tooth means your mouth and jaw do not get the required support. Many who have missing teeth at the back of their mouth do not bother to treat it.

However, with the passage of time, their cheeks may get sunken and wrinkles start appearing on the skin. Also, the gaps where there is a missing tooth is always open for any type of infection that leads to gum diseases. As gum diseases are related to more serious health concerns that affect heart and respiratory system, it is essential to go for a bridges treatment as soon as possible.

Dental Bridges Glendora

Dental bridges are often used when there are a consecutive number of teeth that are missing from a patient’s mouth. Once examined by your Glendora dentist, you will be provided with treatment options based on which teeth are missing and if they are consecutive of each other. If teeth are missing in a consecutive fashion, Glendora dentist Dr. Desai will generally suggest a dental bridge to close the gap of the missing teeth.

With proper diagnosis and treatment dental bridges can restore a healthy bite, maintain the face contour, and reduce the damage of your remaining teeth. With expert dentist services, you can restore your self-confidence and smile. Call our Glendora dental office today to make that appointment.

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Great service. Everyone is polite and friendly. Dr. Desai does excellent work. He is concerned about patient comfort and has high standards. I recommend him for root canal, crowns, and bridges. Good results and follow up.

– Ric D.

This office is so nice and clean! Staff were genuine and introduced themselves to me. Dr. Desai was very gentle and informative! They let me know what I needed done and let me choose what I wanted done. Very nice high tech technology! Overall great experience and looking forward to two weeks to go back!

– Maria H.