Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene is the practice of keeping the mouth and teeth clean to prevent dental problems, especially the common dental caries, cavities, and bad breath. There are oral pathologic conditions in which a good oral hygiene is required for healing and regeneration of the oral tissues. These conditions included gingivitis, periodontitis, dental traumas such as subluxation, oral cysts, and after wisdom tooth extraction.
Oral hygiene should be at the top of our list if we want to have a healthy body. Neglecting to take care of our teeth will only lead to much pricier dental treatments a problem that may be easily avoided if we focus more on prevention rather than cure.
To ensure a great dental hygiene regime it is imperative that you take time to make sure that you really brush your teeth consistently and routinely ideally two times each day. It is also recommended to brush after every meal if you are comfortable. To lessen the possibility of accumulating cavities, gum infections, tooth decay and other issues with your teeth you must follow a healthy diet plan, brush and start flossing your teeth two times each day.

Glendora Oral Hygiene

Your trusted Glendora dentist will explain to you that the daily practice of brushing and flossing makes your gums and teeth healthy and prevents bad breath. Glendora dentist, Dr. Desai will encourage you to eat meals that contain calcium and sources of vitamin B and D. These are available in milk products, seafood, lean meat, chicken, beans and starches. This can result in strong bones, teeth and healthy gums. By making sure the mouth and teeth are clean your body won’t be vulnerable to illnesses triggered by tooth decay. Using the necessary time for you to maintain a high standard of dental hygiene may be worth your time and effort to be able to prevent cardiovascular disease, bleeding gums, cavities and foul breath. To know more about oral hygiene, call Glendora dentist Dr. Desai at (626) 427-6236.
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