Oral Biopsy

Oral biopsy is a simple surgery that removes a sample of gum tissue, tooth, or jaw to examine under a microscope and determine if it is cancerous. The goal is to find the source of an abnormality or lesion that may have been caused by illness or injury. The lesion may be in the area of soft tissue or bone that looks abnormal, which can be a lump or a patch of skin that has a different color or texture.
There are two types of biopsies – incisional and excisional. An incisional biopsy removes a piece of tissue from the lesion for a sample, while an excisional biopsy removes the entire lesion altogether.

Oral Biopsy Glendora

Oral biopsies are used for removing lesions altogether or partially so that they can be examined in a laboratory. A biopsy is usually done when your Glendora dentist Dr. Desai thinks that a lesion in your mouth could be cancerous. Oral biopsies are also performed to diagnose other non-cancerous cases.
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