Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is the augmentation of the portion of your jaw bone that anchors your teeth. It involves dental surgery and often done to reverse the loss of bone that may have occurred due to tooth loss, trauma, dental disease or ill-fitting dentures. Bone grafting is also recommended to rebuild the bone structure beneath the gums in preparation for the placement of dental implants or other tooth replacements.
When a bone graft is implanted in your jaw, it doesn’t just simply fill a void in the bone, it also helps promote new bone growth in that location. Successful bone grafting can restore both the height and width of your jaw bone.

Glendora Bone Grafting

Sometimes during a dental implant procedure, your Glendora dentist finds that the critical supporting bone is missing. Through a bone grafting procedure, we can increase the height and width of the bone or fill in anatomical voids in bone and fill in the defects that develop when teeth are lost.
Dental implant bone grafting is a surgical procedure that can usually be done in a Glendora dental office. It replaces the bone that has been lost with material from the patient’s own body or with a natural, artificial, or synthetic substitute.
The goal of your Glendora dentist Dr. Desai is to generate new healthy and natural bone in the area of the procedure. Call Dr. Desai today at (626) 427-6236 to learn more about bone grafting’s benefits.
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