Dental veneers are cosmetic dental treatments used to today to help patients achieve better looking teeth. They are generally used by cosmetic dentists to improve the look and smile of their patients. Teeth veneers are usually made out of porcelain material and shaped according to the patient’s teeth. They are then placed over the damaged teeth and bonded to ensure a natural looking fit.

dental veneers glendoraDental veneers are a beautiful way to correct damaged teeth that are stained, chipped, or crooked teeth. Crooked teeth can be very problematic, lowering your confidence in your smiles. With a dental veneers treatment, your crooked teeth will be covered by the veneer to provide a straight appearance.

Glendora Dental Veneers

A patient can choose from a variety of different styles of veneers. The most common veneer is made from porcelain material. This involves the patient receiving a dental impression of their teeth to be used by the dental lab in creating the shell so that it is custom made to the patient’s needs.

The other choice that patients have is a type called composite veneers. These are generally less expensive compared to the porcelain material and does not involve taking a patient’s teeth impressions. The surface of your teeth will be prepared for the application of the resin material to the surface. This treatment is normally completed in one day and repairs to the composite kind are relatively easy with the re-application of the resin material.

Dental veneers are great for hiding and correcting those imperfections in your smile. Call your trusted Glendora dentist, Dr. Desai today at (626)-914-0500 to make an appointment or conveniently request one by quickly filling out our appointment form here.