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What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are thin, naturally colored porcelain shells that cover the front surface of the teeth to improve cosmetic dental flaws. They are a durable and long-lasting option that will transform your smile into a beautiful set of perfect teeth.

Advantages of Lumineers

  • Safe and painless procedure
  • Immediately fixes imperfections including stains, chips and crooked teeth
  • Perfectly white smile
  • Will not disrupt natural tooth structure
  • Can last for over 20 years
  • Completely customizable
  • Reversible procedure

How are Lumineers Different from Traditional Veneers?

Although both options deliver similar aesthetically pleasing results, there are a few key differences that separate the two. Lumineers are thinner than traditional veneers and possess a luminous natural quality. Unlike veneers, the placement of Lumineers requires no preliminary preparation, numbing agents or pain medication.

Ideal Candidates for Lumineers

  • Healthy teeth with no untreated cavities or decay
  • Want to change the aesthetics of smile
  • In good health
  • Have realistic expectations

What to Expect

To determine candidacy, Dr. Desai will meet with patients for an initial consultation. During this consultation, he will perform a thorough dental exam and discuss patient’s ideal goals. He will then take an impression of patient’s teeth to mold the Lumineers. The color, shape and size will all be unique to patient’s specifications. Dr. Desai will then develop and spend time educating patients on their personalized Lumineer treatment plan.
Patients will return for their second visit to have the Lumineers placed. Dr. Desai will carefully examine the fit of the Lumineers before they are placed. The teeth will be gently etched to prepare for placement. They are then bonded into place through dental adhesion. Lumineers should be taken care of as normal teeth with regular flossing and brushing. Dr. Desai also recommends that patients schedule regular dental appointments to maintain a pristine smile.
For more information on our Lumineers procedure, contact our friendly staff at Glendora Family Dentistry.
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