Root Canal

Root Canal involves having the dental pulp removed and the root canals are filled. The pulp inside our tooth is composed of blood vessels and nerve tissue. The most common reason that your tooth may need a root canal is that the pulp has become infected.
Root canal may be necessary if a tooth gets deep caries or receive a strong blow and damages the pulp. If the dental pulp is infected, our body’s own defenses cannot access the bacteria. The tooth must then be cleaned by and the root canal filled by a dentist.

Glendora Root Canal

The most common reason for root canal is the tooth having deep caries, which is having a hole in the tooth. Bacteria from caries attack have reached the pulp chamber that has become inflamed or infected. This may then lead to a disturbing tooth pain.
Tooth infection can be either acute or chronic. If you have an acute infection, you may have fever, swelling and severe pain. If the infection is chronic, it may have been going on quietly for a long time and you without symptoms.

An oral infection must be treated, even if it is quiet because it does not heal by itself. It can eventually become acute and to other parts of the body.

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