Extraction Site Preservation

After a tooth extraction, the jawbone begins to shrink. The shrinkage is most rapid over the first year following extraction procedure. Up to 60% of the original width and 40% of the height of the bone can be lost during this period.
Replacement of the lost tooth with a dental implant may be impossible or impractical if the extraction socket is left to heal on its own. If a fixed dental bridge is planned, uncontrolled shrinkage of the jawbone can result in a very long and unsightly “false tooth” which can be very difficult to clean. To prevent this, we often recommend Extraction Site Preservation.

Glendora Extraction Site Preservation

Extraction Site Preservation involves very careful tooth extraction to prevent damage to the surrounding bone, and filling the socket with various types of bone grafting materials. This is often done in conjunction with membranes to prevent the gum tissue from filling the space before bone can form.
Proactive treatment will allow your Glendora dentist to control and minimize shrinkage after extraction. This will result to more predictable and cosmetic results. Treating the problem before it occurs is always a must.
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