Mouth guards are essential for children playing sports. Many organized sports require them, but children don’t always wear them if they are uncomfortable. However, parents should make sure they do to protect their teeth.

glendora mouth guardsIf a single tooth is knocked out through a sports related accident, the treatment will involve either re-implantation with root canal therapy and possibly a crown or replacement therapy with a bridge or dental implant when your child is old enough. There may be a temporary period where your child will have to wear a removable temporary appliance until they are old enough for a more permanent solution.

Glendora Mouth Guards

If having a mouth guard custom-fit by your dentist isn’t an option, then the best alternative would be a mouth guard from the sporting goods stores. These mouth guards are made from a type of plastic that softens when placed in boiling water.

Mouth guards for the teeth are one of the most convenient orthodontic appliances that cause minimal discomfort. Mouth guards are widely used in dentistry for teeth whitening, alignment of teeth and bite correction, and protection from bruxism or teeth grinding.

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