Importance of Dental Health Awareness

Dental health awareness should be started at a very young age. Children should be taught of the importance in keeping their teeth healthy and clean. Consequences of poor oral hygiene and poor food choices should be also explained to effectively remind the children the need to brush their teeth every after meals and avoid sweet treats as much as possible.


In the U.S., the American Dental Association sponsors the National Children’s Dental Health Month during February, to raise awareness among children and their parents the importance of being aware of their dental health. The campaign focuses on instilling in the minds of the young the importance of regular tooth brushing and dental examinations to prevent dental problems.


In adults, their dental health awareness should be assessed by their dentists. If they are aware of their dental health they will be able to know what dental practices should they maintain in order to sustain the health of their teeth and what practices should they need to reinforce to have a healthy and strong teeth.


Their dentists are responsible in educating their patients the proper way to prevent tooth decay, periodontal diseases and other oral health complications. They should also teach their patients in what to do in case of dental emergencies and the importance of regular dental check-ups to examine their oral condition. Different dental treatments were made available to cosmetically enhance the appearance of teeth, to correct orthodontic problems and restore damaged or missing teeth. These treatments should be explained thoroughly to patients to prevent development of fear or anxiety over the dental procedure. Fear or anxiety related to lack of knowledge regarding the dental procedure often impedes patients to seek dental help. Patients should never hesitate to ask questions regarding their oral health to their dentists.



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