What You Should Know About Your Dentist

No one wants ask their dentist a question and get the response, “I don’t know.” Most likely if your dentist can’t answer a dental question, they aren’t the best choice for a dentist.

Your dentist should be able to meet your dental needs by providing an outstanding service, answering questions and giving you information on the latest dental updates. Before you decide to be a full-time patient at any dentist office, there are a few questions you should ask your dentist.

First, ask the dentist “Where did they receive their education and training on dentistry and when did they receive their latest training?” You need to have the assurance that your dentist knows what he or she is doing, and is familiar with the new appliances and technology used in dentistry.

Next, ask the dentist “What are the office hours?” If their office hours aren’t convenient for you or your schedule, you should try finding a dentist office whose hours are flexible for your schedule.

Finally, ask the dentist “What is his or her approach to preventive dentistry?”  The answer to this question should start off with what can be done from home and progress to what the dentist himself can do. This question also lets you know if your dentist is in it for the money or is your dentist genuinely trying to help you care for your teeth.

No patient wants to spend tons of money on treatments that they may not need in the long run. That’s why it is very important to ask your dentist very specific questions.

Your relationship with your dentist should be comfortable, honest, and supportive: don’t be afraid to ask your dentist questions, make your dentist be aware of your problems and don’t forget that communication is key to having a successful relationship with your dentist.

Your dentist should be educated in dental services, be up to date with the latest technology in dentistry, and able to communicate effectively with you, the patient.

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