What is Oral Surgery?

If Dr. Desai has recommended a surgery on your mouth, teeth, tongue, gums, jaws, head, or neck, he probably referred to it as an oral surgery. This term makes some patients feel uneasy and they naturally want to know: what is oral surgery?

So, What Is Oral Surgery, Anyway?

This type of procedure is used to diagnose and treat injuries and dental diseases. Many types of oral surgery are common, such as the extraction of wisdom teeth. Others are less so, such as reconstructing parts of the mouth after facial trauma. No matter which type of oral surgery you need, Dr. Desai and his staff at Glendora Family Dentistry make sure that you know exactly what will take place beforehand. We’ll make you as comfortable as possible on the day of the procedure, and explain how to care for yourself immediately afterwards.

Oral Surgeries Performed at Glendora Family Dentistry

Below are some of the typical procedures Dr. Desai and his team perform at our clinic. Since each patient has unique oral healthcare needs, the surgery you need may not be listed here. However, we will do whatever is necessary to restore good oral health and proper functioning of all your teeth.

  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction: The wisdom teeth, so named because they typically erupt in the late teen years when people are more mature, erupt at the back of each jaw. Unfortunately, they’re a bit too cramped, and sometimes, that inadequate space means they must be removed. If wisdom teeth are not removed, they may become impacted and cause infection and severe pain.
  • Removal of Other Teeth: A severely damaged or decayed tooth should be removed and replaced by a partial denture. Gum disease is another common reason for extraction. After removing your tooth, Dr. Desai gives you adequate time to heal before installing the replacement. He also takes care during the procedure to fill the empty socket with bone grafting materials to prevent the other teeth from shifting into the open space. When this happens, it affects the alignment of your remaining teeth as well as your bite.
  • Bone Grafting: You may need bone grafting to prepare your jaws and gums to receive a dental implant. Dr. Desai completes this procedure when existing bone structure is too weak to support the new implants. It involves removing tiny amounts of bone from other areas and transplanting it to the area where you will receive a dental implant.
  • Facial Trauma Recovery: A sudden trauma, such as a sports injury or car accident, requires emergency dental care. Dr. Desai evaluates the situation and treats it on the spot while also providing you with follow-up care instructions. Having a tooth knocked out in an accident is a typical example of a situation that requires immediate oral surgery.

Don’t hesitate to contact Glendora Family Dentistry with questions about these or other oral surgeries that you may need.

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