Common Dental Procedures for Kids

You should start taking your child to the dentist as soon as their first teeth grow in. While it may not seem evident, your child can start having oral health issues as young as infancy. Cavities are one of the most common ailments in kids, requiring a visit to your pediatric dentist as soon as possible. So let’s look at the most common dental procedures for kids.

Common Dental Procedures for Kids

Below, our Glendora kids dentist will review the most common dental procedures for kids, so you know what to expect when your little one starts getting a toothache. It is important to bring your child in for regular cleanings and checkups so you can stay on top of their oral health.

Tooth Cleanings

Everyone should visit their dentist for a regular tooth cleaning at least twice a year. Your kids should also abide by this schedule in order to best prevent oral health issues and keep their mouths free of germs. Dental cleanings can also help you understand your child’s dental history and whether there is anything to be concerned with. If your child has special dental needs, the dentist may request that they visit the office more often.


Dental caries, also known as cavities, are the most common dental problems in kids. A buildup of bacteria and plaque can cause damage to a certain part of the tooth, requiring the removal of the infected parts. This part is filled in with a dental filling, which saves the structural integrity of the tooth and prevents further cavities from growing in the area.

Cavities can grow in baby or primary teeth just as much as they can grow in adult teeth. Make sure that you understand the early symptoms of a dental cavity (your child will appear to be in pain or discomfort) and get it taken care of before the infection can grow.


X-rays are a normal part of the dental examination and cleaning process. Your child’s dentist will want to take a look at their teeth through x-ray images. This allows them to make sure nothing is going on inside of the mouth. This is a preventative measure. It is designed to check the status of the teeth to determine whether or not any further action needs to be taken.

Certain oral health issues are not visible to the naked eye. X-rays are done with a very low amount of radiation that does not prove harmful for kids; in fact, dentists use about ¼ of the amount of radiation for kids as they do for adults.

Interceptive Care

Some kids need their oral health needs tended to as early as possible. Infants and toddlers might be dealing with malocclusion, which means their teeth are too crowded together as they start to grow in. Based on the urgency of malocclusion and your child’s needs, immediate intervention may be needed.

Some parents are afraid to bring their children to the dentist at an early age. But this can actually help prevent more serious, painful, and expensive treatment needs in the future. The longer you wait to take your child to the dentist, the bigger risk. Specifically, the risk of your child developing a serious oral health issue.

Visit Your Trusted Pediatric Dentist Today!

Whether your child has a healthy set of teeth or is in need of an oral health assessment, it is a good idea to bring them down to our Glendora family dentist at your earliest convenience. The earlier you can get your child started on the track to good dental health, the better. The easier it will be to prevent major oral health issues that could be very problematic down the line. Learn more about our dental services for children and schedule an appointment with us today!

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