Dental implant longevity

A dental implant is the most effective way of restoring a tooth loss due to severe damage or trauma. It fixes the problem caused by tooth loss by acting as a tooth root and supporting the dental prosthesis such as crowns, bridges and dentures. The difference of a dental implant from other restorative options available in the market is its ability to prevent bone loss in the jaw area and maintain the structures of the face – by preventing the caved-in appearance of the cheeks.

Dental implants are made from biocompatible materials, such as titanium alloy. This type of metal is known to be durable and can withstand chewing forces. The biocompatible materials allow the implant to integrate itself to the bone tissues of the jaw.

Aside from the frequently asked question, “how much are the dental implants?”, patients often ask “how long do dental implants last?” To answer this question, there is no definitive time frame which can determine the longevity of a dental implant. There are those who say at least 10 years. But the truth is that it depends on the health of the individual, his/her dental hygiene practices, his/her diet and the kind of lifestyle he/she pursues.

Like our natural teeth, if they are taken care properly, they can last a lifetime. Another factor that could determine the longevity of your dental implant is the quality of work your oral surgeon has done in embedding the dental implants. A well-trained and well-experienced oral surgeon could help prevent complications that may arise when wearing a dental implant.


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