Dental Implants: Traditional dental implants vs. Mini dental implants

This dental appliance uses a titanium screw which is surgically implanted on the patient’s jaw bone; this serves as an artificial tooth root. A dental crown is then placed at the top of each implant to resemble the tooth’s natural appearance and function. Dental implants are also used to anchor dental bridges and dentures if there are no healthy teeth present to do the job. The main goal of using implants is to prevent further oral bone loss caused by tooth loss.

With the advancement in dental technology, dental implants were improved and were made a little bit smaller in size than its predecessor; these are called mini dental implants. A mini dental implant measures 2.5mm in diameter as compared to the 4-5mm diameter of a traditional dental implant. It is the preferred choice of implant used to fill a narrow gap like those created when the front tooth or the incisor is missing while traditional implants are usually used to replace the back tooth or the molars. Unlike traditional implants, a mini dental implant does not require invasive surgery to insert the implant in place. No incisions and suturing are made thus it does not require longer healing time. Because of the screw size, inserting a mini dental implant does not involve deeper drilling, which makes the procedure faster.

Usually mini dental implants are used to anchor lower jaw dentures. They provide comfortable yet solid denture fit thus preventing slipping and unsteady dentures.

Both traditional and mini dental implants are made from titanium alloy which makes them durable and withstand biting and chewing forces. However, mini dental implants are believed to be stronger because of its all solid structure as compared to the hollow body structure of traditional dental implants.

With regards to price, mini dental implant treatment cost almost half of the traditional one. The reason is that this treatment does not require invasive surgical procedure and is usually completed in just one dental visit.

Dental implants can change your life – how you feel and look at yourself. If you are considering having a dental implant, talk to your dentist and ask if you are a possible candidate for this type of treatment. The choice of dental implant (whether mini or traditional dental implant)depends on the size of the gap to be filled, the bone density of your jaw bone, your existing health condition and the cost of treatment.

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